A Review of the New Cholula Hot Sauces

Cholula hot sauce reviewI’ve never been one of those guys who succumb to the macho hot sauce contests. I’ve always felt that there was a time and place for the burn-your-throat-for-days hot sauces and usually that was with specialty foods like Thai or Indian. But it’s undeniable that there is a flavor that comes with the fire and that’s why I’ve always been a fan of Cholula. Ever since college when we would use it on everything deserving of hot sauce, it has been my favorite because it had a good dose of flavor as well as substantial heat. So when a rep from Cholula came along and asked me to review their new flavors, I was more than happy to give a try. So if you are looking for something to spice up your tailgating food and want something a little different you might want to check out their new line up.

Cholula Chipotle Hot Sauce

The first one of the new sauces I cracked open was the Cholula Chipotle hot sauce. For this one they took their standard sauce and added the essence of the chipotle pepper. This provided a smoky and sweet flavor which reminded me of a spicy barbecue sauce. Out of all of them this was definitely my favorite as I enjoy me some good barbecue. This goes best on most meats such as burgers, brats and I even enjoyed it on some fish. Basically, anywhere you would combine barbecue and hot sauce this is a winner.

Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce

The next one I tried was the Cholula Chili Lime hot sauce. Much like the name implies, they put a little bit of lime into the sauce that, to me, reminded me more of a salsa than anything. The hot sauce was full flavored making the French fries and tortilla chips that we put it on taste delicious, put it really wasn’t all that spicy. I would use this one anytime you want a little bit of tang into a sauce such as a tailgating chili or maybe some tacos/fajitas.

Cholula Chili Garlic Hot Sauce

The last of the new sauces was the Cholula Chili Garlic hot sauce. Again, no surprises here; when we opened it up you immediately tell that they infused this with garlic. Now I’m a big garlic fan, but what wasn’t apparent right away was that it used garlic salt to provide the garlic flavor and it made the sauce very salty. I tried it on some pork and it was alright, but I think the real value will be on/in anything that the salt can dissipate such as on a pizza or in a spaghetti sauce. That being said, my brother in law spent half the bottle on some chicken wings, so apparently you can’t go wrong there.

Final Thoughts

The new Cholula hot sauces are packaged in a neat little four pack that allows you to sample each flavor. The classic wooden top has been stained to make identifying each flavor easy (especially convenient in a crowded fridge or tailgating cooler). I don’t see these new flavors being the “secret ingredient” in anyone’s tailgating fare, but they do provide a welcome refreshment when you want to kick up the flavor and the heat in whatever it is you are eating. For recipes and ideas check out the Cholula website and to get a buck off the 4-pack you can send an e-mail to CholulaCoupon@rocketxl.com with your name and address (if they’re still doing it. They used to have a printable version on their facebook page but that got “used up”)

Scorzie – Drink Holder that is a Scoreboard

Or is it a scoreboard that’s a drinkholder?

Where to Buy ScorzieOne of the things that we pride ourselves on is bringing innovative and fresh new tailgating gear and with our love for tailgating games, the Scorzie was just what drunkard ordered.

When playing any sort of tailgating game, it is inevitable that you will have a drink in hand. In fact, in many circles it’s a requirement. And as we’ve mentioned on our cornhole scoreboard page, there will come a time that you need to have a scoreboard because the elementary math becomes a little too hard. So rather than drag around a scoreboard with you, wouldn’t it be nice to just have one on your drink koozie?

This is what the ingenious people have created over at Scorzie. Through a little bit of clever engineering they have taken a koozie, beefed it up with a stainless steel holder and added two scorekeeping rings for home and away.

Scorzie Review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and wanted to provide our straight up review of the device. The first impression was that it was well built and good quality. The stainless steel, while not invincible, will take a beating of dropping it on the blacktop or concrete and it provides a nice insulator for your hands. The next thing that was noticed was that it was a lot bigger than your typical can/koozie setup. It’s not terrible, but if you have girlie hands like mine you tend to notice these things.

The koozie does a great job of holding standard cans but beer bottles and the tall boy Coors cans are a bit on the loose side. Not a big deal

The two scoring rings are cleverly designed to snap into place and it’s really quite easy to move. In fact, the top ring on mine is pretty loose and, depending on how bad I’m sucking at the game, this may come in handy.

Where to Buy Scorzie

Seeing as this a newer product, distribution is limited. You can buy it direct from the Scorzie website as well as select outdoor game retailers. We found it over at AJJ Cornhole.

Click Here to Buy a Scorzie or two

Best Cornhole Scoreboard

Scoreboard for Cornhole with drink holderA while back we wrote about Cornhole scoreboards and drink holders and it seemed to gain traction as we’ve gotten a lot of questions and inquiries. And while ultimately it doesn’t matter how you keep score, most people want to make a one-and-done purchase and just get the best Cornhole scoreboard.

The old Cornhole scoreboard was and still is decent, but it’s a bit flimsy and we hadn’t encountered the scoreboards and drink holders made by Beverageholder.com. They have a couple different scoreboards for Cornhole or any outdoor game, plus they have a whole plethora of drink holders for any occasion. We really like the quality of their products (they are made from a powder coated steel and have a stronger design) and they cost the same if not less than the competitors products.

Real briefly, some of the things that we thought made this the best Cornhole Scoreboard:

  • The scoreboard is framed and supported by steel making it much more secure and able to withstand gusts of wind or the errant Cornhole bag
  • The scoreboard also uses multiple colors which is easier to distinguish from across the playing field
  • They have three different sizes, but their “Tall Boy” (pictured above) scoreboard is the perfect height that is portable but not inconvenient to use
  • The stand has an ‘h’ design that makes it easy to insert into the ground
  • The tripod adapter for hard surfaces is designed better (uses two interlocking pieces) to make it much more sturdy on these surfaces and it looks elegant as well

Click here to buy the Cornhole Scoreboard from Beverageholder.com.

Probably the best feature about these scoreboards is the price. They range from 28-34 bucks and they are easily twice the quality of the other scoreboards on the market. Not to mention that they are made in the US (not sure if the others are or not) but it’s always nice to get a good product at a great price and be supporting American made goods. Their website could use some work, but it’s easy enough to find what you are looking for.

edit: It looks like they’ve updated their website so that it is easier to navigate. The pictures do a good job of showing the quality too.

Spinning Beer Pong Rack

Beer Pong Rack that Spins

Click Image for Pricing Info

One of my favorite things about tailgating, besides drinking and eating, is playing games. And so I’m always on the lookout for new tailgating games or just as good, ways to make old tailgating games better/fresher. So when I found the spinning beer pong rack I knew I was on to something.

This really is one of those inventions that you wish you had gotten off your lazy ass and done. All it is is a typical 10 cup pyramid that is mounted on a platform and a small little motor rotates it. Needless to say, this adds a whole new dimension to the game. It uses the same old plastic Solo cups and can be used on or off. It has a low profile so you really don’t notice that much of a difference (especially important if you use the gay bounce rules). The Spin Pong racks also use two AA batteries, so don’t forget to pick those up.

Click Here to Buy the Spin Pong Rack

Now if you are looking to turn up the notch on your daily beer pong matches, you will want to pick up two to keep the playing field equal. However, at our parties we use the Spin Pong on the challenger’s side so that the winners have an increased challenge at keeping the title game after game. You’d be surprised how difficult it can be at first as you get used to the speed of the spin (TIP: aim for the center one first, it doesn’t rotate.) but it doesn’t take too long to get into the rhythm if you’ve got any sort of beer pong game.

Beer Pong Tables for Sale

beer pong tables for saleOne of the ultimate party games is unquestionably Beer Pong. The friendly (or not) competition, the thrill of sinking two shots on your opponents and getting the ball back, and getting in the zone and beating the hell out of team after team are enjoyed at every frat house, back yard and tailgate party there is. And if you are looking for a means to get your crunk on beer pong style, then you have got to have a table. So if you are looking to buy beer pong tables online we’ve found some great places where you can get the best price beer pong tables for any party (while you are at it, you should pick up some beer pong balls as well).

See all Beer Pong Tables for Sale

Seeing as there are multiple types of beer pong tables, I thought we would give a quick look at the different types

Official Beer Pong Tables

Gotta start out with the official beer pong tables. Seeing as this is trying to be legitimized as a sport, they have set up rules and regulations and therefore everything is now official. Basically what makes any beer pong table official is that it has to be 8 feet long. Other than that you are free to make it whatever height or width you want (so long as it holds the pyramid of cups). Official Beer Pong Table for sale

Portable Beer Pong Tables

The most popular and probably the cheapest beer pong tables are the portable beer pong tables. These use a folding table design to fold up to a convenient 2 foot by 2 foot square making it very easy to throw in your trunk or hide in the closet when necessary. When unfolded they measure the full 8 feet as the official beer pong tables do. On the one hand it’s nice that they are very portable but you do sacrifice some stability and when things get rowdy, you may end up getting your table beat up.

NFL Beer Pong Tables

One of the most popular games at tailgating parties and the NFL is one of the most popular places to tailgate. So it makes sense that they would have customized NFL beer pong tables. There is a table for each team and they utilize the portable design mentioned above to create a convenient package. And it even doubles as a tailgating table so you can set your food on it while you are in between games…or shots.

Floating Beer Pong Tables

Floating Beer Pong TablesFinally there are the floating beer pong tables. Everyone loves to party in the pool right? So why wouldn’t you want to play beer pong there too? Some entrepreneurial genius took the old school floaty rafts and molded the beer pong cup locations right in to make a cheap floating beer pong table. Just like the rafts, these things are inflatable and you don’t even need a rinse cup!

Click Here to Buy an Inflatable Beer Pong Table

Portable Gas Grills for Tailgating

No tailgate party is complete without a little cooked meat right? And while you could go with the old standby, charcoal tailgate grills, you’d have to put up with a lot of the shortcomings of charcoal, namely the hassle of getting it started, finding the hot and cold spots and the cleanup required when you’re done.

So if you’re thinking you might want to buy a portable gas grill for tailgating, here are few recommendations. Three questions you want to answer before buying anything are:

  • What’s my budget?
  • How often am I going to use this thing?
  • How many people will I need to feed?

Because it’s so easy to blow your budget on a really nice grill you’ll want to set some limits. And if you head out every Saturday or Sunday to tailgate that’s one thing, but if you are only firing up the grill once a season that’s another. Finally, unless you’re willing to spend the entire party trying to get the food cooked, you’re going to want to make sure you’re available grill space is big enough and more importantly the grill has the power to back it up. Defining these things first will help you get something that you’ll be happy with and get some good use out of year after year.

The Best Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating

Click Image for More Info

While “Best” is a completely subjective term, there are a few grills that rise to the top in terms of functionality and performance. These things usually correlate well with how many of these grills are selling. So it’s really no wonder that Coleman Road Trip Grill is among the best selling tailgate grills. The best features of this portable gas grill is that it is lightweight and has a scissor-style collapsible stand that makes the grill virtually flat. But that doesn’t mean that the grilling surface is tiny; this grill has a robust 285 square inches with 2-10,000 BTU burners to back it up. Then it has additional features such as the towing handle and big wheels for easy transport, and the detachable side tables that provide a place for you to put your grill utensils and plates.

Bear Pong – Like Beer Pong but Bigger

Bears can't drink!

Every tailgate needs a good tailgating game and if beer pong has been your staple but you’re tired of drinking out of the same cups or being hassled by security, we have an excellent alternative. The game is called Bear Pong and it’s basically an oversized version of beer pong that uses specially calibrated buckets and a medium sized plastic ball but follows all of the same rules. Just like most tailgating games, this game is easily played by anyone of any skill level and can be adjusted to make the game easier or harder as needed.

Bear Pong Description

Bear Pong is one of those things that you wish you had invented. The premise is incredibly simple. You take 6 large flower-pot-like buckets, arrange them in a pyramid and throw a medium sized ball into them a la the rules of beer pong. So if you make 1 ball the opponent removes the bucket and if you sink the second you get both balls back. You can bounce the ball in to the bucket to get two buckets removed but once the ball has bounced it becomes live and your opponents can defend. You can play with teams of one or two and both teammates are on the same side. The recommended distance is 10-12 feet but unlike beer pong, you’re not limited by the table you play on, so you can pick any length you desire.

Bear Pong Review

When I first got the game I was a little skeptical about the higher-end-of-reasonable price tag, but I liked the fact that you could play this game anywhere without the need of a makeshift or expensive portable beer pong table. When it arrived it was packaged and ready to go in their neat little travel kit. The Bear Pong game with travel kit comes with the 12 buckets, 2 white Bear Pong balls and a cover that easily straps over the stacked buckets and has a convenient carrying strap that helps to make the game portable. I think the design on the kit was well thought out and really a necessity as it would suck to carry the 12 buckets like a bus boy (plus they weigh a considerable amount).

The setup was simple and the game play was innately familiar. Games on average took about 5 minutes with some dragging on and others over way too soon. I will say that the game is as addicting as beer pong is, even without the drinking. But it wasn’t long before we made up our own drinking rules and brought back the drinking game aspect. That’s one of the smart things about this game. With beer pong there is this awkward stigmatism if you don’t want to drink but you want in on the competition. Since you’re not drinking out of the mammoth flower pots, you have the option to drink or not drink. So no more drinking for your girlfriend who just sucks anyhow and, more importantly, no more drinking from the same cups that you’ve been playing with for 6 weeks or balls that have been on the floor with god knows what. And since this isn’t overtly a drinking game, you have plausible deniability when security hassles you.

There are really only a couple of drawbacks to the game. The one is that the game tends to drag on when both teams are slumping. Granted this is nothing new to this type of sport, but it gets frustrating when you and your teammate are shanking them one after another. If this is a consistent problem, you can easily adjust the spacing so you don’t feel like a girl every time you throw it too short. The other problem is that the game becomes difficult if not unplayable in windy situations. The balls have enough weight to not blow completely away but if you have consistent, medium-strength winds you have to either play the wind or move closer or pack it in.

The Bear Pong game is a terrific alternative to the standard beer pong and has several advantages covered above. It’s highly portable, addictively fun, and easy to play making it a great tailgating game. Not being centered around drinking makes the game accessible to everyone and because the games are pretty short, you can easily keep a big crowd entertained. If you’re looking for something new to add to your party games arsenal, Bear Pong is money well spent.

If Bear Pong sounds like your cup of beer, you can check them out here: Bear Pong

Best TV for Tailgating

Click Image for More Info

So if you followed along with the previous post about how to watch TV while tailgating, you probably noted that there was a super expensive television quoted. And just perhaps, you wondered to yourself why the hell would the TV be so expensive? After all aren’t the prices of LCD and plasma TVs coming down? The thing is there are a number of issues when it comes to watching television at a tailgate, and while you could drag along your spare Vizio TV from the bedroom, there are better options out there. In this post we’ll examine what makes the SunBrite Outdoor 32 Inch Flat Screen LCD All-weather HDTV Television the best TV for tailgating.

If you’re going to watch TV outdoors there are a few problems you’re going to have to contend with. The first of which is the sun. If you thought the glare was bad when you’re in your living room, having a TV in direct sunlight is nearly impossible to see. You can take a few different precautions such as placing a tailgating canopy over the viewing area or simply keep the TV in the back of the SUV, but there’s still a lot of incidental sunlight that you normally wouldn’t get watching TV inside. The SunBrite HDTV has a super bright LCD screen that will battle back against the sun.

The next problem you might face is the elements. I know that you’re going to pack everything up the minute it starts to rain, but the weather can change quickly and all it takes is just a little bit of water to get into the electronics and you’re fried. Doesn’t matter how cheap the TV is, that can get expensive quick. The SunBrite television has a plastic resin enclosure that protects all of the internal components from any amount of water (just look at the above picture) and it has specially designed water proof connections to make it completely protected from rain, water, bugs, dirt, whatever.

Not only does the sun produce a whole load of glare and ruin your view, but it also degrades plastic over time. Now this may or may not be a big deal considering we’re not leaving it outside all the time (like next to a pool or hot tub) but it may be a concern if you spend a lot of time tailgating and want to keep it around for long period of time. The special outdoor grade plastic resin has been formulated especially for outdoor use. This will keep the television protected longer and the plastic TV is lighter and cheaper than the aluminum version.

Finally, all electronic need to operate in a certain temperature range. Usually this is pretty broad and wouldn’t be that much of a concern unless you tend to tailgate in some of the hottest or coldest parts of the country. The SunBrite TV has a dual flow fan system that works to keep the television cool while keeping the wetness out. It also has a thermostatically controlled heater inside the TV that will keep it warm and working all the way down to -24F! You can watch this TV in the snow!

As you can see there are a lot of good reasons why the SunBrite Outdoor 32 Inch Flat Screen LCD All-weather HDTV Television is the best TV for tailgating. You asked for it, we delivered.

Buy Glow in the Dark Cornhole

Playing Cornhole is a great way to pass the time and put a little friendly rivalry into an otherwise good party. And who wants the party to end? Or maybe you need to kill some time while you sober up before you drive home after the game. Whatever the case, don’t let the absence of a good light source ruin your fun. With a little help from these glow in the dark Cornhole products you can play all night long (and you won’t even have to worry about your car battery wearing down).

Glow in the Dark Cornhole Game

Click Image for Pricing

If you don’t have a Cornhole board, then your best bet is to go for the nighttime option straight off the bat. This glow in the dark Cornhole game set has iridescent reflective strips and glow in the dark Cornhole bags that have you all set to play day or night. It’s your best bet to save a ton of cash on the Cornhole board. Each of the glow in the dark Cornhole bags come with glowsticks in them that will illuminate the bags for several hours at a time. There’s no need for any of the other Cornhole accessories if you buy this set.

Click Here to Buy Triumph Sports Bag Toss with GLOW Game Pack

Cornhole Night Light

Click Image for Pricing

In order to play Cornhole (tailgate toss…whatever) at night you’re going to need to both see the target and see where your bags went. For the first problem, you could shine a floodlight on each of the boards but a better and, more importantly, cooler solution is to get a set of Cornhole night lights. These little guys easily attach to the bottom of any cornhole board with three screws. Each light has a ring of LEDs that use barely and energy and are angled just so to light up the cornhole board. And they provide just enough light to let you see the rest of the board to see what bags scored. This is by far the quickest and easiest way to get nighttime playability for your Cornhole set.

Glow in the Dark Cornhole Bags

Click Image for Pricing

To solve the problem of seeing where the Cornhole bags go, you can scoop up a set of the glow in the dark Cornhole bags. These puppies use a glowstick to illuminate the cornhole bag. It will alter the weight a little bit and takes some getting used to but after three or four throws you won’t even notice it. Each glow stick will last several hours, long enough to get your fix of night time Cornhole. Each kit includes four bags with 4 sets of glow sticks for each set so you can get four nighttime games right off the bat. While you’re ordering you may want to pick up a couple of replacements so you can take advantage of any shipping deals that are being offered.

Best Tailgate Canopy

Finding the right tailgate canopy can mean the difference between enjoying the party while relaxing in the shade and baking in the sun or freezing in the rain. There’s a whole host of tailgating canopy’s out there, but which one is the best one? While we can’t speak for you on what’s most important, we’ve tried to highlight the good and the bad on some of the best tailgate canopies (as rated by their users). Check out our tailgate tent and canopy review:

Swiss Gear 10×10 Smart Shade Canopy

Click Image for Pricing

This 10ft by 10ft canopy made by swiss gear is one of the best easy to put up small canopies. Ideal for the average tailgater, it has a sturdy powder coated steel frame with easy release buttons that won’t pinch the fingers and best of all it doesn’t require any tools to set up. The telescoping legs and scissor style extenders pack this tent canopy tightly together to fit nicely into your vehicle. The canopy is heavy which is good when it’s set up (to withstand the wind) but not as nice when you have to carry it; but it does come with a wheeled duffel bag which makes it a little easier to transport. The tarp materials is made from a high grade polyester that has a special “smart” coating to reflect UV. Not only does this keep you cooler but it makes the tent last much longer. The canopy can be secured into the ground with the 8mm steel stakes or (for additional cost) you can purchase weights to keep the tent in place.

E-Z Up Sierra II 10×10 Canopy

Click Image for Pricing

For those looking for a cheap tailgate canopy, there is the E-Z Up Sierra II tailgate tent. This model is a 10ft by 10ft that is similar in design as the Swiss Gear tent but comes at a 20% discount. Having the signature blue canopy, the E-Z Up tent has a compact design that makes transporting it incredibly easy. It has angled legs for added stability and the canopy has a “cathedral top” design to help with air circulation. The legs are made from a powder coated steel frame that will keep the unit standing during high winds, however, it needs to be secured with something (stakes, weights, coolers, people). This unit is small enough that it can be set up by one person but it goes much smoother with two.

These two canopies have been proven to be some of the best tailgate canopies on the market. These canopies provide the essentials in a good tent or canopy; namely shelter, portability, ease of use and durability. If you’re looking for something more, or you would like to get your team logo on your canopy check out our article on nfl canopy tents