Bear Pong – Like Beer Pong but Bigger

Bears can't drink!

Every tailgate needs a good tailgating game and if beer pong has been your staple but you’re tired of drinking out of the same cups or being hassled by security, we have an excellent alternative. The game is called Bear Pong and it’s basically an oversized version of beer pong that uses specially calibrated buckets and a medium sized plastic ball but follows all of the same rules. Just like most tailgating games, this game is easily played by anyone of any skill level and can be adjusted to make the game easier or harder as needed.

Bear Pong Description

Bear Pong is one of those things that you wish you had invented. The premise is incredibly simple. You take 6 large flower-pot-like buckets, arrange them in a pyramid and throw a medium sized ball into them a la the rules of beer pong. So if you make 1 ball the opponent removes the bucket and if you sink the second you get both balls back. You can bounce the ball in to the bucket to get two buckets removed but once the ball has bounced it becomes live and your opponents can defend. You can play with teams of one or two and both teammates are on the same side. The recommended distance is 10-12 feet but unlike beer pong, you’re not limited by the table you play on, so you can pick any length you desire.

Bear Pong Review

When I first got the game I was a little skeptical about the higher-end-of-reasonable price tag, but I liked the fact that you could play this game anywhere without the need of a makeshift or expensive portable beer pong table. When it arrived it was packaged and ready to go in their neat little travel kit. The Bear Pong game with travel kit comes with the 12 buckets, 2 white Bear Pong balls and a cover that easily straps over the stacked buckets and has a convenient carrying strap that helps to make the game portable. I think the design on the kit was well thought out and really a necessity as it would suck to carry the 12 buckets like a bus boy (plus they weigh a considerable amount).

The setup was simple and the game play was innately familiar. Games on average took about 5 minutes with some dragging on and others over way too soon. I will say that the game is as addicting as beer pong is, even without the drinking. But it wasn’t long before we made up our own drinking rules and brought back the drinking game aspect. That’s one of the smart things about this game. With beer pong there is this awkward stigmatism if you don’t want to drink but you want in on the competition. Since you’re not drinking out of the mammoth flower pots, you have the option to drink or not drink. So no more drinking for your girlfriend who just sucks anyhow and, more importantly, no more drinking from the same cups that you’ve been playing with for 6 weeks or balls that have been on the floor with god knows what. And since this isn’t overtly a drinking game, you have plausible deniability when security hassles you.

There are really only a couple of drawbacks to the game. The one is that the game tends to drag on when both teams are slumping. Granted this is nothing new to this type of sport, but it gets frustrating when you and your teammate are shanking them one after another. If this is a consistent problem, you can easily adjust the spacing so you don’t feel like a girl every time you throw it too short. The other problem is that the game becomes difficult if not unplayable in windy situations. The balls have enough weight to not blow completely away but if you have consistent, medium-strength winds you have to either play the wind or move closer or pack it in.

The Bear Pong game is a terrific alternative to the standard beer pong and has several advantages covered above. It’s highly portable, addictively fun, and easy to play making it a great tailgating game. Not being centered around drinking makes the game accessible to everyone and because the games are pretty short, you can easily keep a big crowd entertained. If you’re looking for something new to add to your party games arsenal, Bear Pong is money well spent.

If Bear Pong sounds like your cup of beer, you can check them out here: Bear Pong

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