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beer pong tables for saleOne of the ultimate party games is unquestionably Beer Pong. The friendly (or not) competition, the thrill of sinking two shots on your opponents and getting the ball back, and getting in the zone and beating the hell out of team after team are enjoyed at every frat house, back yard and tailgate party there is. And if you are looking for a means to get your crunk on beer pong style, then you have got to have a table. So if you are looking to buy beer pong tables online we’ve found some great places where you can get the best price beer pong tables for any party (while you are at it, you should pick up some beer pong balls as well).

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Seeing as there are multiple types of beer pong tables, I thought we would give a quick look at the different types

Official Beer Pong Tables

Gotta start out with the official beer pong tables. Seeing as this is trying to be legitimized as a sport, they have set up rules and regulations and therefore everything is now official. Basically what makes any beer pong table official is that it has to be 8 feet long. Other than that you are free to make it whatever height or width you want (so long as it holds the pyramid of cups). Official Beer Pong Table for sale

Portable Beer Pong Tables

The most popular and probably the cheapest beer pong tables are the portable beer pong tables. These use a folding table design to fold up to a convenient 2 foot by 2 foot square making it very easy to throw in your trunk or hide in the closet when necessary. When unfolded they measure the full 8 feet as the official beer pong tables do. On the one hand it’s nice that they are very portable but you do sacrifice some stability and when things get rowdy, you may end up getting your table beat up.

NFL Beer Pong Tables

One of the most popular games at tailgating parties and the NFL is one of the most popular places to tailgate. So it makes sense that they would have customized NFL beer pong tables. There is a table for each team and they utilize the portable design mentioned above to create a convenient package. And it even doubles as a tailgating table so you can set your food on it while you are in between games…or shots.

Floating Beer Pong Tables

Floating Beer Pong TablesFinally there are the floating beer pong tables. Everyone loves to party in the pool right? So why wouldn’t you want to play beer pong there too? Some entrepreneurial genius took the old school floaty rafts and molded the beer pong cup locations right in to make a cheap floating beer pong table. Just like the rafts, these things are inflatable and you don’t even need a rinse cup!

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  1. By Dave, July 18, 2011 @ 4:41 am

    Wow, that inflatable beer pong table is such a great invention! Definitely grabbing one for the pool

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