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Finding the right tailgate canopy can mean the difference between enjoying the party while relaxing in the shade and baking in the sun or freezing in the rain. There’s a whole host of tailgating canopy’s out there, but which one is the best one? While we can’t speak for you on what’s most important, we’ve tried to highlight the good and the bad on some of the best tailgate canopies (as rated by their users). Check out our tailgate tent and canopy review:

Swiss Gear 10×10 Smart Shade Canopy

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This 10ft by 10ft canopy made by swiss gear is one of the best easy to put up small canopies. Ideal for the average tailgater, it has a sturdy powder coated steel frame with easy release buttons that won’t pinch the fingers and best of all it doesn’t require any tools to set up. The telescoping legs and scissor style extenders pack this tent canopy tightly together to fit nicely into your vehicle. The canopy is heavy which is good when it’s set up (to withstand the wind) but not as nice when you have to carry it; but it does come with a wheeled duffel bag which makes it a little easier to transport. The tarp materials is made from a high grade polyester that has a special “smart” coating to reflect UV. Not only does this keep you cooler but it makes the tent last much longer. The canopy can be secured into the ground with the 8mm steel stakes or (for additional cost) you can purchase weights to keep the tent in place.

E-Z Up Sierra II 10×10 Canopy

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For those looking for a cheap tailgate canopy, there is the E-Z Up Sierra II tailgate tent. This model is a 10ft by 10ft that is similar in design as the Swiss Gear tent but comes at a 20% discount. Having the signature blue canopy, the E-Z Up tent has a compact design that makes transporting it incredibly easy. It has angled legs for added stability and the canopy has a “cathedral top” design to help with air circulation. The legs are made from a powder coated steel frame that will keep the unit standing during high winds, however, it needs to be secured with something (stakes, weights, coolers, people). This unit is small enough that it can be set up by one person but it goes much smoother with two.

These two canopies have been proven to be some of the best tailgate canopies on the market. These canopies provide the essentials in a good tent or canopy; namely shelter, portability, ease of use and durability. If you’re looking for something more, or you would like to get your team logo on your canopy check out our article on nfl canopy tents

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2 Comments to “Best Tailgate Canopy”

  1. By Sam Alhadeff, August 13, 2012 @ 4:07 pm

    I have been searching and searching for a high quality Seahawks tailgate tent and have found no luck. I am almost ready to call the NFL licensing department to buy myself a license to make my own. Any recommendations??

  2. By admin, August 30, 2012 @ 10:41 am

    Hey Sam, I know a lot of people have had similar frustrations. I did a quick check over on amazon and they have this Seattle Seahawks 10 x 10-Feet Canopy. Maybe that will work for you?

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