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So if you followed along with the previous post about how to watch TV while tailgating, you probably noted that there was a super expensive television quoted. And just perhaps, you wondered to yourself why the hell would the TV be so expensive? After all aren’t the prices of LCD and plasma TVs coming down? The thing is there are a number of issues when it comes to watching television at a tailgate, and while you could drag along your spare Vizio TV from the bedroom, there are better options out there. In this post we’ll examine what makes the SunBrite Outdoor 32 Inch Flat Screen LCD All-weather HDTV Television the best TV for tailgating.

If you’re going to watch TV outdoors there are a few problems you’re going to have to contend with. The first of which is the sun. If you thought the glare was bad when you’re in your living room, having a TV in direct sunlight is nearly impossible to see. You can take a few different precautions such as placing a tailgating canopy over the viewing area or simply keep the TV in the back of the SUV, but there’s still a lot of incidental sunlight that you normally wouldn’t get watching TV inside. The SunBrite HDTV has a super bright LCD screen that will battle back against the sun.

The next problem you might face is the elements. I know that you’re going to pack everything up the minute it starts to rain, but the weather can change quickly and all it takes is just a little bit of water to get into the electronics and you’re fried. Doesn’t matter how cheap the TV is, that can get expensive quick. The SunBrite television has a plastic resin enclosure that protects all of the internal components from any amount of water (just look at the above picture) and it has specially designed water proof connections to make it completely protected from rain, water, bugs, dirt, whatever.

Not only does the sun produce a whole load of glare and ruin your view, but it also degrades plastic over time. Now this may or may not be a big deal considering we’re not leaving it outside all the time (like next to a pool or hot tub) but it may be a concern if you spend a lot of time tailgating and want to keep it around for long period of time. The special outdoor grade plastic resin has been formulated especially for outdoor use. This will keep the television protected longer and the plastic TV is lighter and cheaper than the aluminum version.

Finally, all electronic need to operate in a certain temperature range. Usually this is pretty broad and wouldn’t be that much of a concern unless you tend to tailgate in some of the hottest or coldest parts of the country. The SunBrite TV has a dual flow fan system that works to keep the television cool while keeping the wetness out. It also has a thermostatically controlled heater inside the TV that will keep it warm and working all the way down to -24F! You can watch this TV in the snow!

As you can see there are a lot of good reasons why the SunBrite Outdoor 32 Inch Flat Screen LCD All-weather HDTV Television is the best TV for tailgating. You asked for it, we delivered.

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