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Scorzie – Drink Holder that is a Scoreboard

Or is it a scoreboard that’s a drinkholder? One of the things that we pride ourselves on is bringing innovative and fresh new tailgating gear and with our love for tailgating games, the Scorzie was just what drunkard ordered. When playing any sort of tailgating game, it is inevitable that you will have a drink […]

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NFL Beer Pong Tables

Undoubtedly one of the best tailgating games that involve drinking is beer pong. Many a parties got out of control playing this wild game. And you should see what people are using for beer pong tables. Most the time it is the self-respecting folding sawhorses and plywood. And that’s great for college. But when it […]

Buy a Personal Breathalyzer – it could be the cheapest tailgating tool you purchase

It’s not cool to be responsible. No one likes to whip out their breathalyzer at the end of a good time and see if they’re good enough to drive. But with the mounting costs of DUI’s – estimated by msn money at $10,000 or more, buying a personal breathalyzer could be the best $100 you […]

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Cooper Cooler

Drinking wine while tailgating? And at just the right temperature? How can that be? It’s actually really easy with the Cooper Cooler. Many people will just throw a bottle of wine into their portable tailgating cooler if they want to drink a little bit of the vino, which tends to make the wine ice cold […]

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Rum Runner Flask

Now I’m not sayin’ but I’m sayin’ that someone could bring a little bit of their favorite distilled beverage into a game using one of these Rum Runner Flask. These plastic flasks are designed to be filled with a liquid and can easily be concealed in a pocket making them nearly undetectable to security. And […]

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