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Scorzie – Drink Holder that is a Scoreboard

Or is it a scoreboard that’s a drinkholder? One of the things that we pride ourselves on is bringing innovative and fresh new tailgating gear and with our love for tailgating games, the Scorzie was just what drunkard ordered. When playing any sort of tailgating game, it is inevitable that you will have a drink […]

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Best Cornhole Scoreboard

A while back we wrote about Cornhole scoreboards and drink holders and it seemed to gain traction as we’ve gotten a lot of questions and inquiries. And while ultimately it doesn’t matter how you keep score, most people want to make a one-and-done purchase and just get the best Cornhole scoreboard. The old Cornhole scoreboard […]

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Spinning Beer Pong Rack

One of my favorite things about tailgating, besides drinking and eating, is playing games. And so I’m always on the lookout for new tailgating games or just as good, ways to make old tailgating games better/fresher. So when I found the spinning beer pong rack I knew I was on to something. This really is […]

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Beer Pong Tables for Sale

One of the ultimate party games is unquestionably Beer Pong. The friendly (or not) competition, the thrill of sinking two shots on your opponents and getting the ball back, and getting in the zone and beating the hell out of team after team are enjoyed at every frat house, back yard and tailgate party there […]

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Bear Pong – Like Beer Pong but Bigger

Every tailgate needs a good tailgating game and if beer pong has been your staple but you’re tired of drinking out of the same cups or being hassled by security, we have an excellent alternative. The game is called Bear Pong and it’s basically an oversized version of beer pong that uses specially calibrated buckets […]

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Buy Glow in the Dark Cornhole

Playing Cornhole is a great way to pass the time and put a little friendly rivalry into an otherwise good party. And who wants the party to end? Or maybe you need to kill some time while you sober up before you drive home after the game. Whatever the case, don’t let the absence of […]

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Cheap Baggo Game

At first glance the Baggo game looks like just another Cornhole spinoff and to some degree your right. However, there are some subtle differences that make the game a little different. For instance the official Cornhole boards dimensions are 4 feet by 2 feet while the Baggo board’s dimensions measure 3 feet by 2 feet. […]

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Buy Cornhole Drink Holders and Scoreboards

We’ve found a new Cornhole scoreboard! Check out our recommendation for the best Cornhole scoreboard If you’ve been playing Cornhole for a while you’ll understand why there’s all of these accessories around for the game. I remember the first time I played the Cornhole game I scoffed at the scoreboard thinking to myself “I can […]

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Cornhole Night Lights and Glow in the Dark Cornhole Bags

So maybe you’re one of those people who just can’t let the party stop. Maybe you keep partying after hours, when the sun has gone down and there’s only a few die-hards hanging out with you. If you’ve been playing tailgating games in to the wee hours of the sunlight and perhaps by makeshift stadium […]

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Table Top Cornhole Sets

Table top Cornhole sets are the perfect extension to the traditional Cornhole game that allows you to keep the party going all year long. These perfectly proportioned mini Cornhole sets are constructed out of solid wood and are pretty robust for just being an indoor Cornhole game. Each of the two boards measure 10 in […]

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