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At first glance the Baggo game looks like just another Cornhole spinoff and to some degree your right. However, there are some subtle differences that make the game a little different. For instance the official Cornhole boards dimensions are 4 feet by 2 feet while the Baggo board’s dimensions measure 3 feet by 2 feet. This ends up making the game a little more challenging. That and the Baggo boards are made from injection molded plastics vs. wood; this gives the boards a little different bounce. A good analogy would be the difference between playing on a regular and clay court in tennis. If that helps at all.

But when it comes down to it, they’re both tailgating games that you’re throwing an object into a hole. They’re both going to be the same easy going fun time. If you want to be different than the hordes of Cornhole game players or if you can’t find your team’s Cornhole board, you can always try out Baggo.

Classic Baggo games

The classic Baggo game boards are the 3 feet by 2 feet boards that are made from extremely durable polyethylene. The Baggo game kit comes with two official BAGGO game boards, eight official bean bags, instruction booklet, wall mounting bracket, built-in scorekeeper, and distance regulator. They have a few different designs and are a little bit cheaper than the Cornhole game.

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Themed Baggo games

We have a vast selection of different themed Baggo games which you can check out using the links below. We have some military themed Baggo boards (currently a Camouflage and Marine Corps Baggo game), Kid friendly Baggo games, Fire Department Baggo boards , Flag Themed Baggo boards (including American Flag Baggo, Chicago Flag, Texas Flag, Irish Flag, Jamaican Flag and more), Wedding Themed Baggo boards as well as some miscellaneous ones (such as a Bengal striped board that looks like the Cincinnati Bengals helmet)

NCAA Collegiate Baggo games

Then there is everybody’s favorite, the Baggo board game with their alma matter on it. We’ve got a huge selection of collegiate Baggo boards. Because the schools logos are licensed out, you can only get certain college Baggo boards. To see the list check out our Collegiate Baggo Boards page. Or browse through our selection yourself with the link below.

Buy NCAA Collegiate Baggo games here

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