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A cheap tailgate cooler may be the perfect thing you’re looking for when it comes to keeping your beers cold. While there are a ton of portable coolers for tailgating, many of which have some pretty awesome features and benefits, sometimes you just need something simple that will keep the beers cold and you want to get one at a good discount.

Here at Ultimate Tailgating we’ve reviewed a number of tailgate coolers and have not only identified some excellent coolers that have every feature imaginable but also have picked out coolers that offer the best “bang for the buck”. These coolers are often nothing more than a box that will hold ice, but we realize that that’s all some people need. You can use the link below to check out our complete selection of cheap tailgate coolers or read on for some of our choice discount portable cooler picks.

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Best Cheap Tailgate Coolers

When it comes to simplicity and value the Coleman 48-Quart Cooler is hard to beat. This cooler can hold up to 63 cans and is large enough to store several two liters or beer growlers upright (which prevents leaking). It’s made with a newer insulation that performs better and is more environmentally friendly and has the two way handles that makes grabbing the cooler from just about any direction (i.e. leaning into your vehicle) much easier. It also has a drain so you can leave the melted ice at the stadium. For just about $30, it’s hard to beat this value.

If you’re not tying one on, or maybe you’re only going to your buddy’s house for a couple of hours, you’ve got to check out the Cool Six Cooler. This cooler has an innovative design that uses a central contoured icepack and a stretchable neoprene sleeve that holds a six pack against the icepack. These simple cheap coolers will keep your beers cold for several hours (assuming you use some common sense and keep them out of the sun/not in the hot car/etc.). Best yet, they’re licensed by just about every team imaginable: every single football, baseball, hockey and tons of college teams (no NBA though). This is a fantastic cheap cooler for just a couple of beers. Don’t drink it all in one place.

But what if you’re serious about throwing tailgate parties and you need some serious cooler storage? You’re best option for a cheap cooler that can handle a weekend-long rocker is the Rubbermaid Marine 150 Qt Cooler. Not quite as nice as the coleman version (but $50 cheaper), this Rubbermaid 150 quart cooler can handle 220 cans plus ice, has built-in cup holders and a drain to get rid of the water when you’re done. It will seat two adults comfortably and is rated to keep cool for 5 days. This is the best discount cooler that can still handle large parties.

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