Cooper Cooler

Drinking wine while tailgating? And at just the right temperature? How can that be?

It’s actually really easy with the Cooper Cooler. Many people will just throw a bottle of wine into their portable tailgating cooler if they want to drink a little bit of the vino, which tends to make the wine ice cold and tasteless. With the Cooper Cooler and its tailgate adapter you can chill a bottle of wine to just the right temperature. Looking to cool a red down to 60F? Just throw it in the Cooper Cooler for 1 minute. You can hit 50F in three and half minutes or 40F in just six minutes. The Cooper Cooler works by pouring ice water over the container and spinning the bottle to ensure that the most surface area gets chilled. All you have to do is add ice and water and it will chill multiple bottles one after the other. Or if you’ve got a can or bottle of beer use the power boost on the Cooper Cooler which will chill that down to 32F.

What’s great about this model is that you can use the Cooper Cooler at home as a normal appliance for parties or everyday use and, with the 12 volt adapter, you can take it on the road using it to chill your wine and parties and tailgates. The 12 volt adapter is extra long which allows you to plug it in and run it into the back of the vehicle so you don’t have to sit up in the front seat babysitting it. So whether you need to chill a bottle of wine for you and your friends or just need an all purpose quick cooling device the Cooper Cooler will make enjoying wine, beer, wine coolers or malternative beverages extremely easy.

Buy the Cooper Cooler to Enjoy Wine at Your Next Tailgate Party

Some Things to Remember When Using the Cooper Cooler

I won’t call them drawbacks because they’re not really that big a deal. However, there are a couple of things to remember. One thing is that the bottle will be very wet because it’s just had a bunch of ice cold water sprayed over it. While it’s more or less that same as pulling it out of ice filled cooler, just be careful because it’s going to be slippery and you don’t want to drop a big bottle of wine, do you?

One other thing that you’ll have to look out for is that it won’t chill the huge magnum bottles. They just don’t fit. So if you’re going to need a lot of wine for your party (you are sharing, right?), you may want to consider two smaller bottles.

All in all, the Cooper Cooler is an excellent addition to your arsenal of tailgating gear. The problem is once you have one you’ll never be able to live without it.

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