Cruzin Cooler

“Is that really what I think it is? A cooler on a scooter?” Yup.

You could call it Redneck but then you’d be a hypocrite. You know deep down inside, there’s nothing more awesome than a cooler…that you can sit on…that can ride around. The Cruzin Cooler is just that, the ultimate tailgate cooler. Using an electric motor, the Cruzin Cooler takes a tricycle scooter design, beefs up the frame, mounts a cooler and it’s off to the party. So whether you’re tailgating and need to go from one party to the next, or you’re camped out and need to get around for the weekend, this cooler scooter is the most pimpin’ way to do it.

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Cruzin Cooler Review

So let’s take a closer look at what makes up the Cruzin Cooler.

Probably the biggest option you’ll have when choosing a Cruzin Cooler is what size motor you’d want. There are 4 choices when choosing a motor: 300 watt, 500 watt, 750 watt, and the mega 1000 watt. Obviously, the bigger the motor the more power, but keep in mind that there’s no gearbox so they all reach top speed sooner or later. The basic 300W motor will take a 180lb person and drinks around town, no problem. It won’t handle inclines at all and if you’re a bigger load, you’re gonna need an upgrade. (If you are a big load, the manufacturer only guarantees up to 250lbs but the frame has been tested for a lot more) You’ll also want to get a bigger motor if you plan to attach the pull-along wagon cooler (wait, what? You’ll see below).

The cooler compartment is big enough to hold between 20-25 cans depending on how much ice you have. The cooler part comes with a convenient drink holder/easy access door right at the crotch so you can grab a cold one on the go. It also features a built on, folding cushioned seat so that you’re not sitting your keester on hard plastic while you’re cruising…er, Cruzin’.

The scooter part has an ultra-responsive throttle control that allows you to crank up to full speed in a matter of minutes. The Cruzin Cooler also has footpegs built right in so you don’t look ridiculous with your legs all crunched up or dangling. It also has a built in LED to give you a rough idea of how much charge you have remaining. Speaking of which, a common question is “how long will the battery last?” Like most battery operated things, it’s hard to give a concrete answer, but for average stop-and-go use you can expect to see anywhere from 3-6 hours of activity. Just keep an eye on the LED before you make your beer run back to the car.

Coolagon – the ultimate Cruzin Cooler Accessory

So you might be loving the idea of a motorized cooler but just aren’t satisfied with the amount it can hold. Well, you might want to think of getting a Coolagon Wagon/Trailer. Combining the words “Cooler” and “Wagon”, the Coolagon is both a cooler that’s built like a wagon, but more importantly, it can hitch on to the back of the Cruzin Cooler to become a cooler trailer. Storing 72 cans, this cooler can hold a total of 350 pounds so now you can literally have a party train. Attaching the trailer is incredibly simple, requiring no tools and the rugged wheels will allow you and a friend to cruise the campgrounds/parking lot/whatever.

Cruzin Cooler For Sale

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