Kan Jam

Kan Jam is hands down the best tailgate game there is. Period. It is simple to learn, incredibly easy to play and so interactive and engaging that you can’t help but get sucked into it.

It involves two goals (Kans) and a Frisbee disc and that’s it. Even people who swear they can’t throw a Frisbee wind up playing dozens of games.

There are two reasons that Kan Jam is the best tailgating game. The first reason is because the game is interactive; each team member is involved in every play. The second reason is because it’s fast paced. A game could last 60 seconds if the teams are really good.

In addition to all of this Kan Jam is great because it can be played by kids of any age. So not only is it a great tailgating game but you can set it up in the backyard and keep the kids busy for hours.

You can even grab it from the garage the next time you go to a party. The Kans are designed to be collapsible for easy storage and transport.

It’s even fun to watch. This game will keep a group entertained for hours with people constantly calling next game.

Below you’ll find the Kan Jam rules as well as where you can buy Kan Jam. I guarantee you’ll love the Kan Jam game. In fact, if you end up buying a Kan Jam set and don’t like it, write me and I’ll take the post down. If you buy Kan Jam and love it come back and write a comment below on what you think. I’m absolutely serious when I say it’s the best party game ever.

Kan Jam Rules

Invented in Buffalo (we don’t have snow all of the time), Kan Jam uses two goals (originally garbage cans). And much like Cornhole and many of the other tailgating games, the goals are set so many feet apart (usually 50 ft) and team members are on opposite sides.

The first team member throws the Frisbee disc towards the goal which has a slit cut in front and an open top. If the disc makes it in the front slit or through the top that’s an automatic win, Game Over. Rarely does anyone ever have the skill to pull that off. So the second team member, without grabbing the disc, can use his hands to slam the disk into the top of the Kan for three points. If it doesn’t make it in but only hits the Kan then you get one point. If the disc hits the Kan on its own with no help from the partner you get 2 points.

    Because people like summaries:

  • In the Kan on its own – Automatic Win
  • Partner jams disc into Kan – 3 points
  • Disc hits Kan on its own (no help from partner) – 2 points
  • Disc hits Kan with help from partner – 1 point

Each team gets two throws per turn, 1 for each partner before handing the disc over to the other team. You play to 21 points exactly and if you go over you go back to 15. If the team that threw first gets to 21 then the other team gets a chance to tie it. If the other team ties, then each team gets one more turn to score as many points as they can. Whichever team scores more on the tie-breaker wins.

Where to Buy Kan Jam

If you want to take me up on my offer you can use the following link to buy Kan Jam from Amazon. We’ve partnered with Amazon to offer you the lowest possible price on Kan Jam. While it may seem like a bit of money for the physical materials, I can assure you it’s the best money spent. The Kans are very durable because they have to be and this game will never get old. I discovered it 4 years ago and have been playing it every summer since.

Buy the Kan Jam Official Game Set

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