NFL Pet Jerseys

Ok. Normally I’d say that this is really ridiculous, but since I have a soft spot for dogs and it’s one more way to get my wife to join in on gamedays I thought I would throw this out there. I hope I don’t regret this.

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What we have here is an NFL pet jersey. It’s just what it sounds like. In an effort to masculinisize the dressing up of dogs, someone out there has made little jerseys for your dog. SO, if you have a really understanding and tolerant dog and if you or your spouse wants to be cute and have the dog have its own jersey now you can. These pet jerseys are made from a nice breathable micro-mesh polyester so you won’t overheat the dog as much and it’s designed with a “high cut on stomach” for the male dogs so now you don’t have to take the jersey off for him to pee. All your neighbors will know who Fido’s routing for.

We’ve sourced just about every NFL team’s pet jersey and can be found using the link below. They’re “officially licensed” which means that it’s an exact replica of normal NFL jerseys just that they’re dog sized. They’ve even got a little team logo on the side (aww, how cute!). They all have the double-o number so that scrimmage you were planning isn’t going to work out so well. They’re actually pretty durable so if your pet gets a little peeved he’s wearing something and tries to take it off or roll around in the mud, the jersey will live to see another day. Just one more tailgating idea to take your tailgating to the next (albeit ridiculous) level.

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