Watch TV while Tailgating

The Do it yourself section of Ultimate Tailgating dot org has been a little sparse so I thought I would start out with something major.

Watch TV while Tailgating

One of the coolest things to do while tailgating is watch TV. I don’t know why, it just is cool to watch TV outside. So, whether you’re just chilling watching the pre-game with your friends or you would rather party out than make it in to the stadium (nearly a third of tailgaters don’t), getting all the pre-game updates , other game highlights, and just being the envy of all the other tailgaters around is worth dropping a little coin. If you’re prepared to spend some cash we’ve got several different ways you can watch TV while tailgating. We’ll review the different ways to get set up, how difficult it is to do and how much it will cost.

Method 1 – Traditional Satellite Setup

It used to be the only way you get TV from a stadium or camp ground was by setting up a huge satellite system. Now days the technology is a lot smaller but the setup remains quite complex. Using this method, you would need the following things:

  • Satellite Dish ($125 for dish and tripod)
  • Satellite Receiver ($130 for brand new HD receiver)
  • Outdoor TV that can handle the brightest of conditions (you can get crazy but a 32″ LCD is ~$1900)
  • Some sort of power supply
    • If you go Car Battery: Inverter ($100 for 1500-watt)
    • Gas Powered Generator (roughly $500 for 2100 watt 125cc)
  • Outdoor Extension Cord ($10)
  • Total Estimated Cost: $2265-2665

This way to setup a TV for tailgating can be pretty cumbersome. You’ve got all the equipment you have to bring along, then there’s the issue of setting up the satellite dish. You have to have a clear line to the sky and then go through the process of getting everything lined up so you get a good signal. On a good day this process takes around 30 minutes and that’s thirty minutes you could be doing other things (like setting up the portable tailgating grill). This setup also assumes that you already have a DirectTV or Dish network subscription (which can run $35/month and up). So for a cool $2500 and the cost of a satellite subscription you could be watching the game at the tailgating party. However, if you want to avoid the headaches check out the other methods

Method 2 – Easier Satellite Setup

The traditional satellite setup is tough because you have to fine tune the satellite dish which is a pain even when you have help. Plus if you don’t have the dish spot-on it can be frustrating because the slightest wind or tree limb can cause you to lose signal. And that will just piss you off when you’re in the middle of the game. The good news is that there are a couple products out there that makes the satellite setup so much easier.

  • The VuQube Stabilized Portable Satellite Antenna with Auto-Signal-Find is a self contained satellite antenna that automatically levels itself and then proceeds to fine-tune the satellite reception for you. All you have to do it plug the unit in and hook it up to the receiver. (~$710)
  • or you could try the Winegard Carryout Automatic Portable Satellite Antenna which is more-or-less the same thing. The design is a little different in that the handle is at the top which could make transporting a little easier. What’s nice about this unit is that it plugs into the 12volt outlet of the vehicle. But if you only have one cigarette lighter outlet it could compete with the inverter. (~$712)

If you use either of these two products you wouldn’t need the satellite dish or the tripod so that would knock about $125 bucks off the method 1 price but you still would need all of the other equipment (satellite receiver box, TV, power equipment, etc). So using this method you get rid of a lot of the headaches for about $2800 plus the cost of the satellite television subscription.

Method 3 – The Slingbox Method

Not many people have heard of Slingbox which surprises me. As it gets easier to get the internet from just about anywhere and with more devices being internet capable (especially all the mobile phones), The Slingbox service is way more applicable than ever. Basically, what Slingbox does is take the feed from your Cable/Satellite box or DVR and, through an internet connection, makes it accessible to any device that can access the internet. So you can watch live streaming television from your computer whether it’s at home on your wireless network or at work or at a tailgate party. Here’s what you would need:

  • Slingbox SOLO (~$170 or if you need HD ~$300)
  • Laptop Computer with a video output (HDMI, S-Video, DVI, VGA) (let’s just say $500 for average laptop)
  • Misc. Conversion cables (depends on what you need but a good guess would be $30)
  • Outdoor TV that can handle the brightest of conditions (you can get crazy but a 32″ LCD is ~$1900)
  • Some sort of power supply
    • If you go Car Battery: Inverter ($100 for 1500-watt)
    • Gas Powered Generator (roughly $500 for 2100 watt 125cc)
  • Outdoor Extension Cord ($10)
  • Total Estimated Cost: $2700-3100*

You’d also need a broadband wireless ($60/month) and Cable or Satellite TV ($40+/month). At first glance this looks like it costs more than the satellite methods mentioned above. But when you look closer it becomes much more affordable. Chance are you already have Cable or Satellite. With the other two methods you have to have Satellite TV. With this method you can use your existing TV service. You probably already have a laptop that would work, so that’s another $500 off the cost. Now we’re looking at $2200 to $2600, back in the range of the previous methods. And by using the Slingbox you have a few advantages. The setup is a onetime thing. You don’t have to setup a satellite dish every time and try and position it; the Slingbox is user friendly and can be set up easily. Once installed, you have to setup a free account with and follow the instructions to set up internet access. Once all of this is done, all you have to do is log in and watch.

Another advantage is that you can use the Slingbox for all sorts of other applications: traveling, watching TV in other rooms, watching TV at work (whether or not you should). You can also use it to control your DVR so you can record other games to watch when you get home. Sure you bought it for tailgating, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

No matter which way you decide to go it’s going to cost some cash, but, hell, why not? Right? This is a setup that’s going to ridiculously awesome while tailgating and you can use it wherever you travel – camping, RVing, whatever. A couple of things to consider before you head out to the party:

  • You’re spending a lot of money on all this gear, you want to make sure to keep it protected. Keeping it locked in your car and maybe in a box or under a blanket to keep any peeping toms from getting too curious.
  • Test your setup before you get to the game. You don’t want to look like an ass with all of this gear that flat out doesn’t work (not to mention all the space it takes up). Even the stupidest little thing can throw a wrench in the plans; you could forget a cable, not have gas for the generator, not have a good satellite signal. Setting it up and testing it out will help figure out what needs to be done and what you can and can’t control.
  • Bring extra food and beverage. You’re going to make many more friends with the tailgate TV time, might as well feed the mooches too.

Good luck and enjoy throwing the baddest party on the lot!

Buffalo Bills NFL Jersey

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* – It’s a figure of speech. I don’t think we’ll get back to you literally before the game starts

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Just a few tailgating ideas to make your tailgating experiences more interesting.

Lowest Price NFL Youth Jerseys

When I was a kid I would have done anything for a Jim Kelly jersey. Born and raised in Buffalo, and during the best years of Buffalo Bills football, all the cool kids had NFL youth jerseys in school and on the playground. Back then it was a little different in that there were more franchise players, but other than that not much has changed. It is still cool to wear the jerseys and it is the one time that it is cool to be like your dad. And now you’ve got all sorts of customized jerseys and because it’s cheaper to make them they make cheap NFL youth Jerseys.

We’ve teamed up with Amazon to bring you all sorts of jerseys covering all the teams and a huge selection of players. Each jersey is made from 100% heavyweight polyester mesh and it’s got the same diamond weave that the professional jerseys have. These jersey’s are incredibly tough so if your kids want to wear it out to play a pick-up game in the backyard they’ll hold up to just about any sort of tackle. Each jersey has got the real NFL tags as well as the “jock tag” on the front so they really look identical to the real deal. The names and numbers are screen-printed on the front and back and they come in every size small to extra large so even if your kid’s a mini-linebacker we’ve got him covered.

You can browse our complete selection of NFL youth jerseys here or use the search function below to search by your favorite player or team.

hint: keep NFL youth jersey to get the best results. Just add the team or player name first

NFL Pet Jerseys

Ok. Normally I’d say that this is really ridiculous, but since I have a soft spot for dogs and it’s one more way to get my wife to join in on gamedays I thought I would throw this out there. I hope I don’t regret this.

Click Image for More Jersey Options

What we have here is an NFL pet jersey. It’s just what it sounds like. In an effort to masculinisize the dressing up of dogs, someone out there has made little jerseys for your dog. SO, if you have a really understanding and tolerant dog and if you or your spouse wants to be cute and have the dog have its own jersey now you can. These pet jerseys are made from a nice breathable micro-mesh polyester so you won’t overheat the dog as much and it’s designed with a “high cut on stomach” for the male dogs so now you don’t have to take the jersey off for him to pee. All your neighbors will know who Fido’s routing for.

We’ve sourced just about every NFL team’s pet jersey and can be found using the link below. They’re “officially licensed” which means that it’s an exact replica of normal NFL jerseys just that they’re dog sized. They’ve even got a little team logo on the side (aww, how cute!). They all have the double-o number so that scrimmage you were planning isn’t going to work out so well. They’re actually pretty durable so if your pet gets a little peeved he’s wearing something and tries to take it off or roll around in the mud, the jersey will live to see another day. Just one more tailgating idea to take your tailgating to the next (albeit ridiculous) level.

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Cheap Baggo Game

Click Image for Pricing

At first glance the Baggo game looks like just another Cornhole spinoff and to some degree your right. However, there are some subtle differences that make the game a little different. For instance the official Cornhole boards dimensions are 4 feet by 2 feet while the Baggo board’s dimensions measure 3 feet by 2 feet. This ends up making the game a little more challenging. That and the Baggo boards are made from injection molded plastics vs. wood; this gives the boards a little different bounce. A good analogy would be the difference between playing on a regular and clay court in tennis. If that helps at all.

But when it comes down to it, they’re both tailgating games that you’re throwing an object into a hole. They’re both going to be the same easy going fun time. If you want to be different than the hordes of Cornhole game players or if you can’t find your team’s Cornhole board, you can always try out Baggo.

Classic Baggo games

The classic Baggo game boards are the 3 feet by 2 feet boards that are made from extremely durable polyethylene. The Baggo game kit comes with two official BAGGO game boards, eight official bean bags, instruction booklet, wall mounting bracket, built-in scorekeeper, and distance regulator. They have a few different designs and are a little bit cheaper than the Cornhole game.

Buy Classic Cheap Baggo Game Here

Themed Baggo games

We have a vast selection of different themed Baggo games which you can check out using the links below. We have some military themed Baggo boards (currently a Camouflage and Marine Corps Baggo game), Kid friendly Baggo games, Fire Department Baggo boards , Flag Themed Baggo boards (including American Flag Baggo, Chicago Flag, Texas Flag, Irish Flag, Jamaican Flag and more), Wedding Themed Baggo boards as well as some miscellaneous ones (such as a Bengal striped board that looks like the Cincinnati Bengals helmet)

NCAA Collegiate Baggo games

Then there is everybody’s favorite, the Baggo board game with their alma matter on it. We’ve got a huge selection of collegiate Baggo boards. Because the schools logos are licensed out, you can only get certain college Baggo boards. To see the list check out our Collegiate Baggo Boards page. Or browse through our selection yourself with the link below.

Buy NCAA Collegiate Baggo games here

Margaritaville G1000 Ride Behind Tailgating Propane Grill Review

Click Image for Pricing

If you’re serious about tailgating and need to have the size and the heat to grill for a real party then you need a real grill. Most portable tailgate grills feature collapsible this and portable that and are great for portability but you compromise a little on what you can cook. Then there’s the other side. The monstrous trailer grills that look like they could cook a whole pig; that take up 4 parking spaces and that take all day just to get up to temperature. The happy medium here, my friends, is the Margaritaville G1000 grill.

Size of a Real Grill

The Margaritaville G1000 grill is more like the standard gas grill that you use at home. It has a huge 352 square inch grilling surface, a 20,000 BTU burner that supplies enough heat to cover the whole grill and can easily cook 20 burgers, dogs, chicken breasts…or any combination thereof. The grill’s 20,000 BTUs enable it to cook in even the coldest of tailgating climates. And just like your grill at home this comes equipped with a built in thermometer in the lid and the lid flips back and stays in place so you’re not trying to grill with one hand. The grill is set up to use the 1 pound propane cylinders you see everywhere; however, with a simple adapter you can use a 20 pound propane tank for some serious grilling.

Features, Features, Features

Because the Margaritaville G1000 isn’t concerned about saving space they were able to include extra features into the grill to give it way more versatility and user-friendliness (not a word). For instance, right in front below the grill there’s a pop down drawer that you can use to store spices, condiments, sauces, etc. Plus there are several utensil hooks built right in so you can hang your full lineup of grilling utensils; keeping them ready for when you need them. There are two fold down plastic tables that give you instant space for the food trays (and your beer). Finally they actually integrated fold out legs into the bottom of the grill so that you can use it when it’s not attached to the hitch mount. So you can use it as a regular table top grill or really get your money’s worth by using it at home as well. There’s even a way you can customize your Margaritaville G1000 grill with your favorite team colors.

Hassle-Free Portability

Probably the best feature about the Margaritaville G1000 is that it is truly a portable grill meant for tailgating. The grill rides outside behind the vehicle secured to a unique fold out hitch mount. This mount gets secured into a 2 in vehicle hitch and because the design of the hitch mount keeps it securely up against the vehicle, it won’t extend out beyond the parking spot. When you’re ready to use the grill, the mount will swivel 90 degrees and place the grill perpendicular to the vehicle allowing you compete access to the back of your truck or SUV. Another great thing about this design is that you can use the tailgate as a huge side table to store all the food and packages and coolers and etc.

One Minor Issue

This is almost a perfect tailgating grill; however, nothing’s perfect and there is one minor issue with this grill. The biggest drawback for the G1000 grill is that it comes with a cheap plastic lock that is used to secure the grill. It’s the combination style and it’s made from plastic and it could really use a beefier lock. However, you can always purchase a better lock separately if you don’t like it. You may also want to purchase a lockable hitch pin to secure it for when you’re in watching the game.

Buy the Margaritaville G1000 Ride-Behind Tailgating Propane Grill Here

Where to buy a Telescoping Flagpole for Tailgating

When you’re out tailgating you’re in a sea of people, how do you let people know where your party is? Granted cell phones play a big role, but wouldn’t it just be easier to tell them to look for the big ass team flag flying 20 feet up in the air?

You’ve probably already thought of this and so you’re looking to buy a flagpole for tailgating but where can you find them and which one’s the best one? Don’t worry, we here at Ultimate Tailgating have done the dirty work and can give you some options.

Telescoping Flagpole

When it comes to flagpoles, bigger is better. It’s not just the machismo factor; you want people to see your flag. That’s the whole point. The higher the flagpole the more people can see it. Blah blah blah.

In order to get a big-ass flagpole up there you’re going to need a telescoping flagpole and we’ve picked out the best one. We like this 20ft Telescoping Flagpole for use at tailgates. As with most telescoping flagpoles, it easily expands anywhere from 5 to 20 feet by simply raising the section and twisting it until it locks into place. The flagpole is 5ft when completely closed so it still fits nicely into most tailgating vehicles. It comes with clips that are mounted on a rotating ring so the flag flies whichever direction the wind blows and you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled up. But what really sold us on this one was that it’s made from a thicker gauge of aluminum than most of the other telescoping flagpoles out there. With some of the flimsier flagpoles there was complaints of the flagpole bending in high winds often to the point of permanent damage. This one is constructed using rust-proof 16″ aluminum that has a diameter of 2-5/8″. It comes with a US flag (nothing wrong with that) and a 1 year limited warranty which doesn’t specify whether it covers wind damage (my guess is no).

Mounting the Flagpole

The problem with flagpoles is mounting them. Basically you’ve got three options.

Click on any of the pictures for more information

  • Option 1 – Ground mount. This is a base adapter that has a corkscrew which secures it into the ground. These mounts are often tenuous at best. They’ve been known to hold up ok, but you have to install them correctly which is usually pretty difficult.

  • Option 2 – Hitch mount. This piece is a special flagpole adapter that goes into the hitch of a truck or SUV. While this is definitely a good use of the hitch, many times it’s not the only thing that goes there (Trailers, portable grills, TV stands, benches and tables, etc.). It’s always an option to keep in mind.

  • Option 3 – Tire mount. This one is our favorite option as it provides a secure way to mount the flag and it’s not using up valuable space. Plus it’s out of the way. Basically, the tire mount has a long piece of metal that goes under the tire and the weight of the vehicle secures the flagpole into place.

Buy Cornhole Drink Holders and Scoreboards

We’ve found a new Cornhole scoreboard! Check out our recommendation for the best Cornhole scoreboard

If you’ve been playing Cornhole for a while you’ll understand why there’s all of these accessories around for the game. I remember the first time I played the Cornhole game I scoffed at the scoreboard thinking to myself “I can keep score in my head, that Cornhole scoreboard is ridiculous”. And I did keep score in my head… until the third game when I realized it was a lot more fun to just let the dude work the scoreboard and I could be sucking down beers. Speaking of sucking down beers, while you’re getting yourself some sweet Cornhole gear, you should check out the drink caddies. There’s a big difference between throwing while holding you’re drink and not. Read more below.

And realistically these can be used for any tailgating game that you need to keep score, not just Cornhole, although why would you want to play another game, right?

Cornhole Scoreboards

Click Image for Pricing

If you’re looking to buy Cornhole scoreboards, you have a couple different options depending on how elaborate you want to get. The cheapest and least convenient model is the “Deluxe” score strip. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nice scoreboard that’s made from weather resistant material and is easy to use; however, the downfall is that you have to provide your own surface to mount it. The picture suggests mounting it on the back of your Cornhole board which is down pretty low and only the one side will see it. It’s nice that you can mount it either vertically or horizontally (each side is oriented differently) but it sucks that you have to get creative when mounting it. Heheh. Maybe you can figure something better out.

Click Image for Pricing

Something that’s a little more convenient is the Play and Drink Caddie. This model uses an abacus style scoreboard which is easy to knock over a few pegs whenever somebody scores but difficult to glance at and know how close you are when it gets down to the bitter end. What’s great about this model is that it comes with its own stand that can be pushed into the lawn or used with the flat bottom adapter on pavement. Oh, and I almost forgot about the drinks. The drinkholders are great because they give you a place to set down your beer that’s not on the ground to get knocked over (Party Foul!) and you’re going over to the scoreboard anyway so it’s right there. Made from steel, these things are tough and heavy which will help it from getting knocked over when people inevitably bump into it.

Click Image for Pricing

If you don’t feel like counting (after the fourth game/sixth beer you probably won’t) you’d be better off getting the ScoreTower brand scoreboard/drink holder. This combo is essentially the same as the Play and Drink Caddie but uses the easy to read, weather proof scoreboard that will make score keeping that much easier. Really worth the extra couple of bucks. It also has a pair of drink holders and can be driven down into the lawn for easy setup. If you want the option to play on pavement, you’ll need to buy the stand adapter separately.

Cornhole Drink Holders

Click Image for Pricing

The ScoreTower scoreboard is really nice and well made, but only offers a pair of drink holders leaving the other team to fend for themselves. If you want to be a nice host you should think about picking up the companion BeverageTower for the other side. Nothing fancy, the beverage tower just gives the other side the same convenience as the scoreboard side making it a little less annoying when someone complains about switching because it’s not fair the sun’s always in their eyes. You can pick up the combo set for just a couple extra bucks. Don’t forget to buy the pavement stand adapter for that too (sorry, but that’s how it is).