Portable Gas Grills for Tailgating

No tailgate party is complete without a little cooked meat right? And while you could go with the old standby, charcoal tailgate grills, you’d have to put up with a lot of the shortcomings of charcoal, namely the hassle of getting it started, finding the hot and cold spots and the cleanup required when you’re done.

So if you’re thinking you might want to buy a portable gas grill for tailgating, here are few recommendations. Three questions you want to answer before buying anything are:

  • What’s my budget?
  • How often am I going to use this thing?
  • How many people will I need to feed?

Because it’s so easy to blow your budget on a really nice grill you’ll want to set some limits. And if you head out every Saturday or Sunday to tailgate that’s one thing, but if you are only firing up the grill once a season that’s another. Finally, unless you’re willing to spend the entire party trying to get the food cooked, you’re going to want to make sure you’re available grill space is big enough and more importantly the grill has the power to back it up. Defining these things first will help you get something that you’ll be happy with and get some good use out of year after year.

The Best Portable Gas Grill for Tailgating

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While “Best” is a completely subjective term, there are a few grills that rise to the top in terms of functionality and performance. These things usually correlate well with how many of these grills are selling. So it’s really no wonder that Coleman Road Trip Grill is among the best selling tailgate grills. The best features of this portable gas grill is that it is lightweight and has a scissor-style collapsible stand that makes the grill virtually flat. But that doesn’t mean that the grilling surface is tiny; this grill has a robust 285 square inches with 2-10,000 BTU burners to back it up. Then it has additional features such as the towing handle and big wheels for easy transport, and the detachable side tables that provide a place for you to put your grill utensils and plates.

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