Portable Grill With Cooler

Did you say that you wanted a portable grill with a cooler attached? Why? Are you tired of lugging around two separate pieces of tailgating gear and would love to have them combined into one?

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Good thing there’s the Char-Broil Grill 2 Go Ice. This portable propane grill is designed to be incredibly easy to set up, take down, pack up and go and it includes two 30 quart soft-sided coolers that make it easy to store the whole party in one location. The two coolers fit snugly on the base of the cart while the infrared grill is equipped with lift-and-lock telescoping legs. The cart has a telescoping handle, and when the grill is all packed up it looks a lot like those carryon luggage you see everywhere at the airport. When it’s time to get down and grill, simply lower the handle, lift the grill slide on the side tables and connect the gas.

More on the Grill Part

The grill uses an infrared cooking system that has been patented by Char-Broil. While it still uses liquefied propane, it uses the 1-pound cylinders that are found on most camping stoves. That’s not to say it doesn’t cook. Because it uses the infrared technology, the grill can use less gas and still get the same heat output as a regular flame grill, just make sure to give it adequate warm up time (about 20 minutes is good). One bonus of the infrared technology is that you don’t have to worry about flare-ups so you can get a little sloppy with your grilling attention span. The grill has 290 square inches which is pretty robust especially compared to some of the recommended best tailgating grills and you still get a lot of the “grill taste” from flame grilling. What’s nice about this grill is that if you want to add some smoke flavor, just throw a few grilling chips down into the grill and the heat will permeate that smoky goodness. Now it’s easy to serve ribs, pulled pork or whatever bbq you love. And when you’re done just wipe off the grill and pack it up.

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The coolers are each 30 quart coolers and fit nicely onto the cart, they really designed this well. There’s a heat shield on the bottom of the grill so the coolers aren’t affected by the heat of the grill. The nice part about having two coolers instead of one giant one is that it’s easier to carry a cooler in each hand (it kind of balances you out) than one big one, and you can store different things differently. So if you like to have your beer ice cold, you can keep that in one cooler and the meat and vegetables can stay just cold in the other side. The one thing I advise is to take the coolers out as soon as you set up because it’s a pain in the ass trying to work around the griller to get your beer.

Drawbacks of the Char-Broil Grill2Go Ice

There are a couple of drawbacks on the Grill2Go but no show stoppers. The first is that the unit is a bit on the heavy side. While it’s nice to have a robust grill and platform, it still takes some muscle to get it up into the SUV and the handle doesn’t lock so it’s not a lot of help. Also, try and give the grill enough time to cool off before moving it as it sucks trying to steady the grill without being able to grab on around the grill part.

The other noticeable drawback is that it burns through the 1 pound of gas pretty quickly. The instructions recommend letting it warm up for 15+ minutes, then if you cook a decent sized meal for 30 minutes and then run the recommended “burn off” time (15 minutes) you’ll use the better part of the canister making a second round with that canister iffy.

All in all, The Grill2Go Ice does a good job of multi-tasking, taking on both the cooler and grill domains. If you are picky about the BTUs of your grill or if you have to carry a beer store with you, other products will do a better job. But if you need something that’s convenient travels well and kills 2 birds with 1 stone, this is well worth the price.

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