Portable Tailgating Chairs

When you’re out partying for hours at a time, you’ve got to sit somewhere right? So why not make it a portable tailgating chair that sports your favorite team? These oversized camping chairs are the high-quality equivalents of what you’d find at Dick’s sporting goods or Walmart, but each one comes emblazoned with the team logo of your choice. The chairs themselves are 22 inches wide by 22 inches deep by 35 inches high so it fits all sizes big and small.

What sets these chairs apart is that the designers were thinking: when you’re at a tailgate party you’re going to be sitting in a chair for quite a few hours (unless you are a tailgating wimp), so why not try to make these collapsible camping chairs comfortable? What they did was they sew in padded backrest that helps to support your posture and make the chair that much more comfortable. All of the folding chairs I’ve sat in while tailgating have been pretty uncomfortable after about 20 minutes and damn near impossible to get up out of. These chairs are much easier to use and more comfortable; not quite as comfortable as your couch at home, but the difference is noticeable.

The chairs have a powder coated steel frame and are rated for 250 pounds but could probably go higher. The steel frame is nice because you don’t have to worry about bending up the chair when it’s crammed in the back of the vehicle with all of your other tailgating supplies.

The one feature I enjoyed the most was the insulated cup holder. I was surprised at how it helped keep my beer colder, longer. Not that I was nursing it or anything. But the insulation was a nice touch that made it better than the generic variety and the mesh pocket was a sweet bonus for me to throw my cell phone and wallet in (I didn’t have pockets).

NCAA Chairs

If you’re looking to buy some chairs with your favorite NCAA division 1 team logo on it, we’ve got quite a large selection. Because of the large variety of teams and some licensing issues, we weren’t able to get every team but if you use the search box below you can check and see if your team chair is available.

To get better search results include the term “Ultimate Tailgate Chair” at the end

NFL Chairs

If you’re looking to buy NFL collapsible chairs check out our selection using the search form below. These chairs are manufactured by a different company and they don’t have the padded back, which is unfortunate. However, they are a high-quality chair that uses 600-denier polyester which makes them extremely durable.

To get better search results include the term “Northpole” along with your team name

These are just some of the tailgating chairs that we’ve been able source with the help of Amazon. If you are interested in other sports and teams, feel free to contact us and let us know.

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