Rum Runner Flask

Now I’m not sayin’ but I’m sayin’ that someone could bring a little bit of their favorite distilled beverage into a game using one of these Rum Runner Flask. These plastic flasks are designed to be filled with a liquid and can easily be concealed in a pocket making them nearly undetectable to security. And with beers at the game costing 7 bucks and up, using one of these flasks just once puts you close to the breakeven point. Use it twice and you’ve saved some cash.

Now before you get too excited, let me just give you the scoop on what these can and cannot do. The kit contains two 8 oz flasks and a 16 oz flask. The small ones can fit in your pocket no problem, the larger one is going to take some creative storage. Made from a heavy-duty food-grade plastic, they’re puncture resistant and leave absolutely no odor or taste (which can’t always be said for the stainless variety). I’ve even heard of people forgetting they had them in their back pocket, sitting on them for a quarter, and still didn’t have a problem with them. When you’ve emptied the contents, you can discretely roll it up and stuff it in your pocket, no fuss no muss. You can even throw these in the cooler to freeze the liquid before heading in…not sure why you’d want to…but they’ll hold up.

The biggest downer is that they’re not really made for carbonated beverages. Being plastic, they won’t hold the carbonation for very long so unless you want to sip some flat beer from a plastic bag you’re probably going to have to forgo the suds. That’s not to say it won’t put the jack in your coke but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Check Out the Rum Runner Flask Kit

If you’re looking something a little more user-friendly than a flask, you should check out the The Booze Belly Concealable Flask. This device straps around the mid-section with a one-size-fits-all belt and will hold 750mL of your preferred beverage. What makes the Booze Belly different is that there’s a built in dispenser that makes it easy to dispense your alcohol directly into your drink without the worry of spilling or leaking. And because it straps around your stomach, it’s easier to carry and a little more difficult to get busted. But don’t blame me if it happens, you need to make sure you fill these things when your sober so you don’t spill any and reek of alcohol.

Happy Drinking!

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