Scorzie – Drink Holder that is a Scoreboard

Or is it a scoreboard that’s a drinkholder?

Where to Buy ScorzieOne of the things that we pride ourselves on is bringing innovative and fresh new tailgating gear and with our love for tailgating games, the Scorzie was just what drunkard ordered.

When playing any sort of tailgating game, it is inevitable that you will have a drink in hand. In fact, in many circles it’s a requirement. And as we’ve mentioned on our cornhole scoreboard page, there will come a time that you need to have a scoreboard because the elementary math becomes a little too hard. So rather than drag around a scoreboard with you, wouldn’t it be nice to just have one on your drink koozie?

This is what the ingenious people have created over at Scorzie. Through a little bit of clever engineering they have taken a koozie, beefed it up with a stainless steel holder and added two scorekeeping rings for home and away.

Scorzie Review

We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and wanted to provide our straight up review of the device. The first impression was that it was well built and good quality. The stainless steel, while not invincible, will take a beating of dropping it on the blacktop or concrete and it provides a nice insulator for your hands. The next thing that was noticed was that it was a lot bigger than your typical can/koozie setup. It’s not terrible, but if you have girlie hands like mine you tend to notice these things.

The koozie does a great job of holding standard cans but beer bottles and the tall boy Coors cans are a bit on the loose side. Not a big deal

The two scoring rings are cleverly designed to snap into place and it’s really quite easy to move. In fact, the top ring on mine is pretty loose and, depending on how bad I’m sucking at the game, this may come in handy.

Where to Buy Scorzie

Seeing as this a newer product, distribution is limited. You can buy it direct from the Scorzie website as well as select outdoor game retailers. We found it over at AJJ Cornhole.

Click Here to Buy a Scorzie or two

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