Tailgate Tents and Canopies

The best thing about being tailgating is that you get to have a great big party and enjoy the outdoors, right? So why would you want to ruin it by buying a tailgate tent?

Because it gets hot…And sometimes it rains.

When you’re out partying all day the last thing you want is to be too worn out to enjoy the game and the sun can really take a lot out of you. Not to mention that sometimes it rains at these events and he who has a tailgate canopy has many friends. If you are in the market for a new tailgate tent, below we present some of the best tailgate tents and canopies.

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Probably one of the most popular brands of pop-up tent canopies are the EZ up tents. While they may have better brand awareness, they get surprisingly poor reviews. Many people complained that the tents were made from inferior metal and wouldn’t hold up in inclement weather. Another company, Swiss Gear, uses coated steel for their frames and have received many positive reviews. For that reason we prefer tents by Swiss Gear tents. In fact the Swiss Gear Smart Shade Canopy is regarded as one of the best tailgate canopies. Like I mentioned they use powder coated steel (instead of cheap aluminum) and a special locking technique that won’t pinch your fingers so they are easy to put up and more importantly they stay up if you are expecting any sort of storms. What’s even better is they have a few attachments that can easily enhance the tent for only a couple bucks more. For instance they have a sunscreen/windbreak that easily attaches so you don’t have to worry about your food and napkins blowing everywhere. And if you’re real fussy about bugs, they have a screen adapter that you can enclose the entire thing and enjoy all the comfort of indoors while your outdoors.

Small tailgate tents are great if you need something that’s light, easy to set up and is for a just a few friends, but if you throw a serious tailgate party you’re going to want something bigger. That’s where the Bond Deluxe Party Tent comes in. This 20 x 12 ft deluxe tailgate tent can host the biggest of parties. While not being waterproof, the tent is made from water repellent material that will easily hold until you have to go and it has a built in screen option that will keep you bug-free and pretty dry if rain does come through. The tent can be set up by one person but two will get the job done much faster.

Tailgate Tent Accessories

When you buy a tailgate tent online, you may want consider getting some of these accessories to make your life easier. The first thing you might want to consider is getting some anchor weights for the tent. If you find yourself tailgating on cement or blacktop, you’ll want to make sure there’s no danger of the tent blowing away. There are some well designed weights such as the Bravo Sports Cement Weight Plate that easily slide over the leg and, at 5 pounds a piece, will anchor it in place.

If you’re going to be partying late into the night, you’ll want to have a tent light. The Coleman Tent Light provides a gentle light so you’re not squinting at everyone and the neat thing is it can be installed into the roof of the canopy (it’s easier if you do it before the tent is set up).

And for those hot days, the Coleman Free-Standing Tent Fan is a cheap and effective free standing fan that will at least move the air around a little and on the especially hot days a little breeze goes a long way.

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