Tailgating Games Review

We love us some good tailgating games and as such we’ve reviewed quite a number of different games and equipment. Anything the pits you against a friend and allows you to hold a beer in one hand counts. So if you’re looking for a new tailgating game to try, check out the games we’ve already covered. And don’t be shy to suggest a new one to add to the list.

Kan Jam

Kan Jam Check out our review of the Kan Jam game. Using a frisbee and two cylindrical goals you could be playing this game for hours. It does require four people to play but if you have 3 or more you can make it work. Also, see our tutorial on how to make Kan Jam.


Cornhole Board A staple at any party, Cornhole is the classic competition game that modernizes the ancient sport of horseshoes. Easier to play and fewer bruised shins, Cornhole has many different names (Baggo, Tailgate Toss, Corn Toss). You may find that you need glow in the dark Cornhole because you just can’t let the party end. And for those looking to dick around at the office, check out table top Cornhole

Bear Pong

Bear Pong Not to be confused with Beer Pong (see below), Bear Pong takes the same idea to the next level by providing giant Bear-sized cups and a huge white ball. You’ll be sure to get people attention, just make sure you always win so you don’t have to go to the back of the queue.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong I think I can safely say that every college aged tailgater (and older) has heard of Beer Pong. The trick is finding the right table that A) is portable and can be taken wherever you tailgate and B) is Bad-Ass. That’s why we talk about the different Beer Pong Tables you should buy.
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