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It happens to me every time I’m at a cookout, bar-b-q, or party: I’ve got my cold beer in one hand and I line up to get some grub and I have to set down my beer to load up on food. Sure, it sounds easy enough, but I always set it down on one side of the table and by the time I get through the salads, chips and meat, my mom’s voice in the back of my head is telling me to grab a napkin, I’m telling her to shut up, and then I walk away to wonder 2 minutes later where I set my beer. And if you don’t do something stupid like that, you have to do some awkward holding of the beer can in the crotch of your elbow while trying to load up on food. If you can relate to this at all then you need to check out The Go Plate.

The Go Plate is a clear plastic plate, made from recycled materials that uses a chip & dip design. There’s a center ring that’s got a cone-like piece in the middle that is designed to fit around either a beer bottle, beer can or plastic cup (like the Solo cup variety). Around the outside there’s a sombrero-like trough that can fit the usual fare: chips, wings, salads, etc. If you’re doing some larger stuff like ribs and even burgers, you’ll need to arrange with a little more care. To use the Go Plate, all you have to do is snap down the plate over your beverage and the cone in the center will secure itself to your drink.

The first question that everyone has, including myself, is: “but can you drink with the Go Plate on your beverage?” The obvious answer is no, unless you want to wear the remnants of your food. But really, how hard is it to remember to snap the plate off, take your drink, and snap it back on. Trust me, it’s easy.

The plates are more or less disposable. They’re made from recycled plastic and the good news is they can be recycled yet again. Now the manufacturer claims that the Go Plate is reusable and dishwasher safe (top shelf). And while that’s true, it’s kind of like how water bottles are reusable. You can rinse them out and fill them back up with water but they’re never really the same. You’ll probably get 2-3 good uses out of them at best. They’re a fantastic solution to parties where you want to be mobile and need to secure your plate and they’re reasonable, so quit being a cheap bastard and buy Go Plates online already.

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