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What tailgate party isn’t complete without a little friendly competition? While there are a variety of tailgate games out there, the most famous by far is the Tailgate Toss game. This is a very simple game that goes by many different names: Cornhole, Bags, Fundex, Tailgate Toss; but what it boils down to is the skill it takes to toss a bean bag into a small hole. These cornhole boards are very portable and easy to set up which makes taking them to the game or the park incredibly easy.

Now if you’re wondering where to buy tailgate toss you’ve got several options. We’ve partnered with Amazon to offer a large selection of Tailgate Toss and Cornhole sets at some of the best prices on the internet. If you’re looking for something more than just the plain Cornhole boards you could go with an officially licensed version that has your favorite team’s logo. There are tons of boards for just about every sport: baseball, football, just about every major college. These might cost a couple of extra bucks but they’re way cooler than a plain wooden board. You can check out our wide variety of sets at low prices by using the link below.

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A Little About Tailgate Toss

If you’ve never played tailgate toss before and you’ve stumbled upon our tailgate games section you’re in for a treat. This game is probably one of the simplest yet most addictive games you can play. It’s easy to learn, easy to take with you wherever you go, everybody loves playing it and you don’t even need to set down your beer.

Based on many of the same principals as horseshoes, Tailgate Toss is a very simple game. There are two boards that each have a hole cut out towards the top. These boards are propped up so that the board is at an angle and the boards are set several feet apart (depends on how much space you have and how good you are). You can play with two or four players and each team will throw 4 bean bags towards the board aiming for the hole. If you get it in the hole that’s three points and if it lands on the board and stays it’s one point. Points will cancel out between the two sides so that the player with more points keeps the difference (for instance if I scored 5 points and you scored 7 you would gain 2 points). While many people play with all sorts of different rules the game is generally played to 21 with all bags thrown to finish the round (you never know they might knock off some of your points).

Overall, Tailgate Toss is very simple to play. It’s a great game for kids and you can adjust the length of the field to accommodate skill levels. The best part about playing tailgate toss while tailgating is that it gives you a little something to do while you’re partying and it takes literally 30 seconds to pack it up when it’s time to go.

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